Why Choose Solid Wall Insulation


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Insulation of a solid wall is certain to cut heating costs by some margin. Over a period of several years, the cost of the insulation and fitting will have been returned through the savings you make in lower heating bills.

In the UK, any home built over 100 years ago, will have solid walls. Cavity installations were not fitted as a standard construction concept until after 1919.

 A cavity wall has two layers with a small gap between them. It is the gap that we call the “cavity”. In very old homes there are no gap in the walls, so they will invariably allow more heat to escape through.

If you have a solid wall, it is a good idea to invest in insulation. It is possible to insulate a solid wall from the inside or the exterior.

Many older homes have traditional facades or neatly decorated outer walls. If you feel the desire to leave the exterior wall alone, insulate the solid wall from the inside.

This would maintain the beauty and traditional look of the front of your home, while still having an effective insulation that will save you money on those energy costs.

What Happens When I Choose a Solid Wall Insulation?

The entire system is made up of insulation boards, a rail frame and weatherproofing render. More often than not, the installation occurs on the outside of your home.

It keeps the interior of your home warmer during the colder months of winter, and cooler in the summer months.

You may notice the rooms in the house are a lot quieter too. One of the aspects which pleases customers most about solid wall insulation is the choice of décor available. The customer can choose colour and even finishes.

A survey is carried out by the installation company, and it can recommend the right colours and finishes, if you are not too sure: Instagroup Homes install solid wall insulations in the counties of Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

Another good reason why you should choose solid wall insulation for your home is the fact it adds value to the home.

In the UK, homes have to prove they are environmentally and energy proficient. When you sell the home, a potential buyer will want to know if the solid walls have been insulated or not. If they have, it can remarkably up the sale price of your old home.

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