Teak Garden Bench with Elegant Designs


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Wooden outdoor bench will look elegant and attractive. This is where you should consider using teak garden bench. As you know, teak is strong wood that’s capable to withstand weather, dust, humidity, and dirt. To adjust with garden style, you can choose one of the designs presented at below list.

Some of Best Designs for Teak Garden Bench

1. Bench with backrest

The most common design for garden bench is long seating with backrest. It has capacity to keep at least two people. That’s why this furniture called as bench. If it’s only for one person, it is no longer bench but chair. At the end of bench in both sides, there is armrest. It creates perimeter as safety and artistic purpose. Seating set might be wood with no space or layered wood that’s side by side each other.

2. Banana or curve style

To add artistic touch, teak garden bench adopts curve style. Some people might call it as banana design because it resembles banana line. The bench does not have flat and straightforward design. On contrary, it turns into curve line from one side then back again at the same position on another side. At center, the bench distance is the farthest from straight line. To emphasize more artistic side, it uses traditional ornament at the backrest. This is one of top choices for modern garden style.

3. Backless bench

The next idea for teak garden bench is backless design. You can remove backrest installation from standard bench. The result is what usually called as backless bench. It is suitable for garden where people come around from different direction. Without backless, people will sit not for long period that gives a chance to others. This kind of bench might retain similar design as backrest model. The bench uses plain wood or reclaimed material, but it still utilizes teak as the core.

4. Swing bench

Swing bench is the type of seating attached on swing holder. It is suitable for private garden at home. You can install and enjoy swing bench while relaxing. This bench is only for two or three people due to limit frame. Besides at home, the bench is commonly used in playground for kids. They will enjoy sitting and swing back-to-back each other. If you have this bench, make sure to check its surrounding for safety measure.

Each bench has different style, but with relatively similar purpose. You can pick one that’s capable to fulfill your preference. With teak garden bench, your garden will look more beautiful and enjoyable for any activity.

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