Enhance the Home Hygiene with Clean Queen Fitted Sheet


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Cleaning your home is a necessity for maintaining a proper environment inside. Cleaning of home starts from the bedroom, and the thing which attracts most of the dirt in and around the house is infact a bedsheet. Fresh queen fitted sheet is perfect for attaining sound sleep, whereas used bedsheets require regular cleaning as it becomes prone to bacteria growth and may also induce various skin infections in the long run.

Why is the regular cleaning of bedsheets necessary?

  • For a good sleep

You can experiment it practically. Try sleeping on a dirty used bedsheet; it will take you longer to sleep on the dirty bedsheets due to the presence of dirt particles. However, freshly cleaned bedsheets are bound to induce sound sleep. For a good sleep, it is necessary to clean the bedsheet regularly.  

  • For a healthy mind

Dirt and debris on the bedsheets attract negative energy due to which it becomes hard to stabilize the mind. That’s why it becomes very necessary to clean the bedsheets once a week to avoid dirt build-up and attract positive energy for a healthy mental state.  

  • Helps to regulate the cleaning schedule

Once you start cleaning the bedsheets regularly, it helps to regulate the whole cleaning schedule at home. Let’s be honest here, cleaning is like exercising, no one really likes to do it but it is a necessary evil which brings about a health and safe living environment. With regular cleaning of your bedsheets, your cleaning schedule will fall into place and eventually it will become more of a habit which will be beneficial in the long run.

  • To avoid skin problems

An unclean bedsheet can become the storehouse of various bacteria and micro-organisms. These bacteria cause various skin problems like acne, pimples, and rashes. So to avoid skin problems, cleaning of bedsheets is required on a regular basis.

How to clean the bedsheets for maintaining home hygiene?

  • Washing once a week

A cleaning schedule of bedsheets must be planned and once a week bedsheets must be cleaned and changed so that you get good sleep. So fix a cleaning day for washing bed sheets according to your fee schedule. You must regulate the cleaning of bedsheets according to your needs and surroundings.

  • Safe wash with vinegar and baking soda

When you buy a new bedsheet, while cleaning, it tends to release some colours when soaked in the water and loses it vibrant appeal. While washing a new bedsheet, you must use baking soda and vinegar for safe washing. Washing with baking soda and vinegar helps to sustain the color and fabric condition of bedsheets.

  • Wash bedsheets separately

You must not wash bedsheets with other clothes. Only pillows must be washed with the bedsheets but avoid any other item for washing along with a bedsheet. This is primarily because the color extracted upon washing might stain your other clothes.

  • Choose the correct load with the correct amount of detergent

While washing bedsheets in the washing machine, the correct load must be selected for regulating the wash. With that particular load, you should take care of the amount of detergent that should be used according to that load.

If it’s heavy load then it will require an average amount of detergent. If it’s regular load, then a very small amount of detergent will work.

  • Dry the bedsheets on a cloth line

The use of washing machine dryers to dry out the water of bedsheets must be avoided as much as possible. For drying the bedsheets, put them on cloth lines under the sun. Drying the bedsheets in normal form is the best technique to maintain the quality of the commodity.

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