Curved TV or Flat TV: What Kind of TV Screen Should you opt?


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The screen is another aspect that makes your home movie experience optimal. The screen is where you enjoy the climax of your movie, your favorite sports, or shows and celebrities. Therefore, a cheap TV or projector won’t serve your purpose.

TVs have come a long way from Black and White to Color CRT, now plasma, flat TV, and curved TV, with 4K and ultra HD supports. TV which was then a symbol of status is now one of the most needed things in a household,and people don’t have only one TV these days, only in their living room or bedroom, but now you can find TVs almost in every room in a house, even in bathroom and outdoors you can find televisions.

Are Curved TVs Better than Flat TVs?

In this era of technology, everyday new technology shows up and so has the curved TV. A lot of people around the globe is asking about the Pros and Cons of curve TVs compared with the flat TVs.


  • For an immersive movie experience is flat TVs might achieve a perspective created by the manufacturers of curved TV home theater.
  • You can see more of the action at once making curved TVs a better peripheral perception.
  • Curved TVs have better contrast if compared with flat TVs.
  • Curved TVs looks more attractive than flat TVs.


  • Viewing it from angles might be a little bit difficult, so it always pushes you towards the “sweet spot.”
  • On a group of people, if you aren’t seated in the center, you won’t make the best experience.
  • The reflection issue is a bit annoying compared with Flat TVs; they tend to interfere with your TV watching.
  • Many home theaters can’t accommodate curved TVs because of their awkward positioning.
  • They are costlier compared to flat TVs.
  • If you want to put them on the wall, you would need a specific type of mounting for them.

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