Be Surrounded by Greenery All Year Round by Constructing a Greenhouse


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If you love to be surrounded by plants all year around and if the climatic conditions are not that favourable for you to have a garden then you can think about constructing a greenhouse. Your greenhouse need not have to be lavish, but a simple with a lot of space for plants to grow and thrive. They also add to your property value, whenever you plan on reselling it.

Sturdy Greenhouses are Your Best Choice

Constructing a greenhouse requires a lot of thought process. You need to have a detailed plan on the design and style of your greenhouse. Internet is always your trustworthy partner if you have no clue where to begin. One of the biggest advantages of having a greenhouse is that you can sow, nurture and plant seedlings of your own choice.

You can sow vegetables, plant exotic flowers or plants all under one roof, that too all year round.  If you plan on purchasing a greenhouse, ensure you go in with credible dealers. Go in for sturdy greenhouses that can stand the test of climatic conditions. Secondly, you can always choose from free standing greenhouses to lean to sits ones as per your home space and preferences.

You might want to assess your land and choose a convenient spot to have your greenhouse. You can go in for a simple traditional greenhouse or a modern day one with all the top-quality amenities. You can even hire experts to assess your land and share their findings for you.

Conservatory for Winter Plants

Some plants only thrive in winter. If you have a fascination for such plants, then you can go in for a talveaed. If you like to remain cosy and warm surrounded by greenery, then you can check out winter gardens offered by Malmerk Klaasium. You can choose from different styles and designs and get expert recommendations on the same.

Winter gardens are an apt choice when it comes to planning parties, spending quality time with your family or simply to de-stress from your hectic life. When it comes to your winter garden, you can either opt for:

  • Framed or frameless systems
  • Glass roofs
  • Plastic roofs

Glass roofs will give your winter garden an aesthetic look. It can also bring in more natural light and can be a great money saver during the harsh winter months. Secondly, it can help with increased thermal performance. During winters, these roofs will keep your conservatory warm and cosy.

Plastic roofs can help prevent UV lights from entering and damaging your plants. Secondly, a good quality plastic roof will be shatterproof and be durable in the long run.

Factors to Consider for Your Greenhouse

Some of the factors that need to be considered while planning your greenhouse are:

  • Deciding on the right location. Finalize a place that receives a lot of sunshine
  • Choose the right base materials for your greenhouse such as concrete, brick or timber
  • Go in for high eave frames as they tend to be durable for the long run
  • Go in for rainwater harvesting and have the right plumbing systems in place
  • Invest in good quality louvers and roof vents to allow hot air to pass and cool air to come in

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This Guest Post has been written by Steve Edmundson. Malmerk Klaasium located in Estonia, is one of the top manufacturers of talveaed windows and frames. They have experienced and well qualified professionals that will help find solutions to all your gardening issues.

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